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A continuous, reflective Journal of inner work since 2004
Online Blogs on various themes

Online publishing

inSOUL, weekly meditation to subscribers, from 2010
Interfaith Foundation website and iConnect newsletter, 2009 -2012
Fell & Rock website redevelopment, 2008
Thelki, from 2007
Gay Spirituality, from 2006
Help for Clubs, from 2005 - 2008
Hospice governance, from 2005 - 2010
CIPD Communities, from 2003 - 2005
Modern Sport, from 2003 - 2009
HR Zone, founder and managing director, from 2000 to 2005
TrainingZONE, founder and managing director, from 1998 to 2005


Interfaith Ministers Manual, 2008 
Toolkit for Trainers , Pavilion Publishing 1999 (second edition),  electronic edition 2003
The Lakeland Fells: complete illustrated guide, Ernest Press, 1996 (edited with June Parker)
Toolkit for Managing Change : Techniques for constructive re-organisation and change, Pavilion 1999; electronic edition 2003 (with Penny Sharland)
Toolkit for Trainers , Gower, 1995 (first edition), 1999; also available in US, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian, and Hungarian editions; electronic edition 2003
Toolkit for Managers : Management development within learning organisations, Pavilion 1998; electronic edition 2003 (with Penny Sharland)
Reorganisation, Pavilion, 1995 (with Penny Sharland)
Performance Appraisal: A handbook for statutory and voluntary organisations, Russell House, 1994 (with Phil Hope) (six printings)
Staying Safe: HIV and AIDS, Pavilion, 1993  
Dealing with Disaffection : Practical responses to school-related issues, Longman 1992; electronic edition 2003
Social Care Professional Development Systems, Longman, 1992 (with Phil Watts and Andy Miller)
Developing Training Skills , Longman 1991; electronic edition 2003 (with Bruce Britton and Howie Armstrong)
Active Collaboration, ITRC, 1989 (edited with Kevin Gill)
Working with Young People in Trouble, ITRC, 1987

Best Practice Guides

A guide to hospice mergers, Help the Hospices, 2007
Working in Partnership, Help the Hospices, 2007
Ensuring an efffective board, Help the Hospices, 2007
Charities Act 2006, Help the Hospices, 2007 
Governance Matters, Help the Hospices, 2006
User involvement on hospice boards, Help the Hospices, 2006
A guide to recruiting hospice trustees, Help the Hospices, 2005 
Online Communities Development Manual, Sift, 2004
Writing, Editing and Moderating for the Web, Sift, 2003
Promoting Participation, Sift, 2003
Online Communities Administrators Manual, Sift, 2004
Marketing Solutions, Sift, 2002
Online Privacy, Sift, 2002
Special Interest Groups, Sift, 2002
Hyperlinks, Sift, 2002
Using channels/zones to create special features, Sift, 2001
Newswires, Sift, 2001
Moderating, Sift, 2001
Online collaboration, learning and events tools, Sift, 2001
Content classes, types and categories, Sift, 2001

Manuals and Reports

Governance Matters, Summary report of Charity Commission review visits to hospices, 2001-2006, Help the Hospices, 2006
Modern Sport: governance and management for modern sports organisations, SportScotland, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2008
Team Development Tools: resources for managing and building staff teams, 1997
Supervision Tools: resources for managing and guiding staff, 1995
Action Packed: A young person’s guide to Adventure, Survival and Rescue, British Red Cross, 1995, 1998 (with Penny Sharland)
Staffing Matters: Guidance on the operation and management of staff employed by the national governing bodies of sport in Scotland, sportScotland, 1994
Action with Humanity: A practical guide, British Red Cross, 1993  
Planning for Action: A DIY guide to collaborative action planning, Strathclyde Regional Council 1993
Selective Hearings, Save the Children, 1992
The Real Facts, Inter-Act, 1992
Gay Men and HIV in Leicester, Leicester City Council, 1991 (with Kevin Ford)
Review of IT in Scotland, ITRC, 1989


Challenging Behaviour in Schools, Routledge, 1994 (Peter Gray, Andy Miller, Jim Noakes)
Chosen with Care, Moray House Publications, 1991 (Gwynedd Lloyd and Judith Watson)
Truancy and School Absenteeism, Hodder and Stoughton, 1985 (Ken Reid)
Combating School Absenteeism, Hodder and Stoughton, 1987 (Ken Reid)
Helping Troubled Pupils in Secondary School, Blackwell, 1989 (Ken Reid)
The 1980’s and Beyond, National Youth Bureau, 1980 (Frank Booton and Alan Dearling)