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From the edge to your centre: opening your heart and soul in a safe community.

We periodically hold retreat-style events for gay/bi men to grow spiritually and emotionally. As gay/bi men, we know the wounds we suffer through our difference. Our path to personal and spiritual growth – to wholeness – leads through learning to open our Heart. At Gay Spirit events you will find ways to do just that.  In a safely-held community of other men you will encounter emotional depth as you explore the edge of your familiar boundaries.

Our programme of retreats has recently been featured in the Good Retreat Guide.

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Tim Pickles is an ordained interfaith minister offering spiritual direction, retreats, massage and civil partnership ceremonies. Andrew Woodgate is a Gestalt counsellor, spiritual facilitator and coach.

Useful resources

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A journey into Gay Spirituality 124.00 Kb A detailed exploration of the nature and meaning of gay spirituality in today's world

Coming Out ... Coming In ... Coming Home 33.50 Kb An important exploration of three stages in our development as conscious gay men

Spirituality Today 30.50 Kb An exploration of what makes gay men so able to engage in the individual spiritual journey

Declaration of the Role of Gay Men in the World 26.00 Kb A statement written by Andrew Ramer in 2005 asserting the unique role, contribution and purpose of gay men

Ritual and Ceremony in Gay Spirit Culture 29.50 Kb Should we celebrate and honour the major transition events in our gay lives through greater use of ritual and ceremony?