My work of service is offered on the basis of guide fees and donations.  The notion of 'guide' is to give you an indication of what people offering similar services usually charge or request.  I work with all people and choose not to let money (or the lack of it) be a deterrent in offering support and help and ask you for a donation rather than a fixed fee.  In considering the appropriate amount of donation, I ask you to attune to what you can afford and what the benefit of the service is to you. Those with higher incomes are asked to offer more, enabling me to support those on more limited incomes.  

Your donation can be sent electronically to:

  • Account name: Tim Pickles
  • Bank Sort Code: 08-92-86 (Cooperative Bank)
  • Bank Account No.: 14287097
Or by post to Tim Pickles, 5 Heather Garth, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5JW.
Typical fees for similar services:-

One-to-one services of counselling, mentoring, supervision, direction, and healing: From £35 to £60 per session.

Ceremonies, including weddings, civil partnerships, namings, blessings, funerals, memorials, and rites-of-passage: From £100 to £500 (usually related to the time and preparation required)

Retreats, workshops, courses and events: There is a fee for each event that I organise and lead myself. Where I am invited to contribute to events organised by other organisations, a fee or donation is usually agreed mutually, typically from £150 to £500, depending on the nature and duration of the event.

Organisational consulting: where paid for by the organisation, a fee from £650 per day is requested.

Travel, materials and subsistence expenses are charged at cost.

Please do contact me to discuss any aspect of fees and donations if you require more information.