Thelki ... a space of stillness where you come home to find your Self: a place for re-discovering who you are; a sanctuary in which to find peace; a place to find wisdom and insight; and a space to reconnect to your purpose.  I serve people in the community, in the communities around the Lake District, throughout the UK and in other countries - people of all faiths and none.  

My own path is towards contemplative mysticism. This is a conscious balance of stilled contemplative practice and active service towards others in the community. Our spirituality, consciousness, energy, emotions, minds and sexuality are inter-connected.

My main services currently include:

Spiritual Direction, Mentoring and Counselling
Confidential one-to-one support, mentoring and encouragement for your emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

Professional supervision
Individual and group supervision for practitioners working with clients in various therapeutic, ministry, health and social care settings

Retreats, courses and retreat leadership
Facilitating and leading retreats. courses and workshops for men and women seeking to deepen their spiritual connection and awareness. 

Civil partnerships, Weddings, Funerals, Rites-of-Passage and other Ceremonies
Services, ceremonies and rituals conducted in a highly-tailored, meaningful and spiritual (rather than religious) context.

Gay Spirit
A programme of events and workshops for gay men, currently suspended.

My approach and my training

I am ordained as an Interfaith (or Inter-Spiritual) Minister, and I have been initiated as a Male Elder.

I am supported in this work by the community of Interfaith Ministers, by my Quaker meeting, by my own spiritual directors and supervisors, and by various conscious men's networks in the UK and in Asia.

I am professionally qualified as a holistic spiritual and physical healer to practice and teach several touch therapies. Similarly, I am trained and experienced in counselling, spiritual direction and supervision with others.

I work with gay men and others around spirituality, faith and identity, and creating conscious 'spirit warriors'.  I am particularly interested in evoking and rediscovering the earlier knowledge of sacred masculinity which has been lost for so many uninitiated men today.    

The name 'Thelki' was created by Andrew Ramer in his book Two Flutes Playing.  You can also view an online archive of articles on all aspects of spiritual work.