I am a professionally qualified practitioner and teacher of various touch and massage therapies. Healing techniques such as those introduced below work on the subtle planes to raise and release physical, emotional and spiritual energies. They are rooted in ancient Eastern knowledge and practice dating back at least 5,000 years.  Having run my own therapy centre, I am now engaged in teaching and practice by arrangement. Please note: for the time being, I am not taking on new clients.


  • Healing touch is an ancient sacred practice in which energy is channelled through the healer to the receiver. It has been known and practised in various cultures throughout the ages as 'touch healing', 'laying on of hands', and sometimes as simply blessing.
  • Traditional Thai massage relaxes and re-balance the whole body.  It works through touch, acupressure and stretching without the use of oils.  I have been extensively trained at the original Wat Po Traditional Massage School in Thailand.  My advanced qualification in Therapeutic Traditional Thai Massage uses specialised techniques to help recovery from injury and strain.  These techniques work to relieve headaches and tensions, reduce muscle strains, and help recover from problems in the major joints such as the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees and ankles.
  • massage2.jpgTraditional Balinese oil massage works with the major muscle groups of the body and promotes good physical health.  My training has been undertaken with skilled practitioners in Bali.  The treatment can work deeper into your muscle tissue or focus on lighter overall relaxation.

  • A Balinese hot stone massage combines the techniques of traditional Balinese massage with the use of hot smooth stones rubbed over the oiled body and then placed on the skin.  The result is a wonderful sensation of deep heat penetrating into the body that relaxes and soothes; it is particularly helpful for damaged and tight muscles and limbs.

  • Taoist Body Electric massage uses techniques developed by the School of Sacred Intimacy and combines healing massage, touch, bodywork, breathwork and energy.  It generates a higher level of deeper body energies to experience physical and emotional well-being.  stone_massage.jpgDuring the process you may experience an 'altered state of consciousness' through re-opening the connection with your emotional or spiritual centre.  You are advised to discuss this approach and your expectations of it in advance. Further information about Taoist / Body Electric massage.

  • A Shiatsu massage is a stronger massage using thumbs and palms on the acupressure points of the body to relieve stress and encourage good circulation and healing.  It can be undertaken on the massage table or the floor.

As well as teaching on public courses and support to professional therapy centres, I am also available to work by mutual arrangement.  Please contact me in confidence if you would like to discuss further.