interfaith_logo.jpgThis month my appointment has been announced as the Coordinator and Professional Practice Adviser to the new Interfaith Ministers Association.

This is the spiritual community of ministers and counsellors ordained by the Interfaith Foundation.  It is the ground from which we go out to minister in service to others, and to which we return for support and sanctuary.

The Association aims to:

  • Bring ministers together in an inclusive, supportive, and nurturing community for the sharing and growth of our spiritual life
  • Establish opportunities for shared spiritual practice across the community
  • Provide a means by which ministers can engage together in practice, supervision, learning and development
  • Establish a public register whereby ministers can offer their services to the community and the public can find a minister for their needs
  • Define and maintain the standards by which we serve others.

The Association supports interfaith ministers in both a personal and professional capacity, and in their relationships with each other, with clients, and with the Source of All.

In building a real and tangible community together, interfaith ministers will be able to:

  • Co-create and share in a community rhythm of spiritual living and practice on a daily, weekly and annual cycle
  • Give support and encouragement to other ministers
  • Receive guidance, insight and learning from the community and its members
  • Promote their own ministry to the wider public
  • Be assured that they are surrounded and upheld by others, seen and unseen.

This is a part-time contractual appointment and commences immediately.