Coming Home was the theme of a week-long retreat held in the wonderful landscapes and inspirational settings of the Isle of Iona.  The week was led by Stephen Wright and Jeannie Sayre-Adams of the Sacred Space Foundation and very comfortably accommodated at the St Columba Hotel.  


At the beginning and end of each day there were opportunities for us to join the worship in the historic Iona Abbey with members of the Iona Community, or to meditate more privately in any of several small chapels, cells or outdoor spaces.

The week's theme was an opportunity to look at our relationship with the Divine Mystery and to open ourselves more deeply to who-we-are through forgiveness, direct connection and devotion.  For me, this has been a great time for listening more deeply to my heart's desire, for clarifying the nature of my ministry and placing this in perspective against other work, and for establishing a far greater awareness of sacred communication.

One day was devoted to a pilgrimage around Iona taking in the Nunnery (with the Divine Feminine), the Hill of the Angels, the wonderful St Columba's Bay, the remote and special Hermitage, and Dun I, before returning to the Abbey.  

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