The website has been a little quiet in recent months as Andrew has been continuing his psychotherapy studies and Tim has been completing his seminary training prior to ordination as an Interfaith Minister.  We thought you might appreciate this news update about current events and developments.  

Tim ordained as an Interfaith Minister

For the last few years I have been deepening my own spiritual studies and practices and this has included two years formal training with The Interfaith Seminary.  The Interfaith Seminary trains open-hearted men and women in an inclusive global spirituality, to serve people from all faiths or none. As well as practicing each of the world’s major faith traditions, we also prepare rites-of-passage ceremonies (such as civil partnerships, funerals and rituals), and develop a spiritual counselling practice.  I will be developing services specifically for gay men (see below).

OUT Spirituality Group

The London-based OUT Spirituality group continues to meet fortnightly with a range of interesting speakers and events.  Andrew has led sessions with the group last year and in June of this year.   Tim is leading a session on Thelki on Tuesday 14 October.  More information at

Thelki - a space for men-loving-men

'Thelki' is the name given to a mystical ,mythical space where men-who-loved-men could come out and come home into their true selves.  Now a space for retreat, healing, bodywork and personal counselling is being created by Tim specifically for gay men.  Thelki offers spiritual counselling, retreat space, bodywork, rites-of-passage rituals, massage, Body Electric, civil partnership ceremonies, and healing sessions.  In time, it is hoped that this will evolve into a permanent space for men-loving-men. For more information, see or the article on

Gay Spirit Retreat

Following the success of the Gay Spirit UK gathering in 2006, we are exploring the possibility of a Gay Spirit Retreat to be held over two to three days in the first part of 2009.  The Retreat will have a loose structure to facilitate a range of spiritual practices.  We'd like to gauge potential interest in such an event, so if you might be interested in attending, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bodywork and massage for gay men Similarly, Tim is interested in offering a weekend of bodywork and massage for a small group of gay men.  A range of approaches would be on offer including oil techniques and Thai acupressure massage.  More intimate Body Electric style work could also be available as an option.  Again, if you'd like to be kept informed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Andrew Woodgate and Tim Pickles