ordination_1.jpg After several years of study, travel and training, today is the day of my ordination as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor.  For the past week, 51 ordinands from the London, Manchester and Scottish faculties have been attending a final retreat in Somerset.  The final day of this retreat was spend in silence and reflection, leading up to a large ritual in which our personal vows were declared to the entire group.


The ordination was conducted by The Interfaith Seminary at the Second Church of Christ, Scientist in Notting Hill, London before around 1,000 guests.  It was a deeply moving and spiritual occasion, celebrated before family and friends.  The ordinands was each dressed in their choice of ordination robes (mostly white) with a personally selected stole that reflected their own understanding of their spiritual faith and practice.  ordination_service_4.jpgThe ceremony included verse, prayer, song and ritual from many of the world's faith traditions, including the Peace Prayer Mandala, the Metta Prayer and several sacred chants and musical songs.


Over the next few weeks and months, I will be engaged in a period of inner reflection, seeking guidance as to where and how I am to serve in pursuit of my vows and this rite of passage that is ordination.



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