With my ordination as an Interfaith Minister less than three weeks away, preceded by a very large retreat, this has been a wonderful time to enjoy the peace and reflection of a solo retreat.  My chosen venue was the Bield at Blackruthven , just outside Perth.  This is a wonderful place.  Set amongst over 300 acres of organic farmland and woods, the house and converted steading provide excellent accommodation and hospitality.  In addition to many sanctuary spaces both within the buildings and outside in the grounds, there is an outdoor labyrinthe, an indoor swimming pool (with a glass roof to view the stars), and a fully stocked arts and crafts studio.


My time on retreat has enabled me to reflect on where I am now in this spiritual journey, as ordination approaches; to clarify where I am called to serve after ordination; and to consider when is now coming up from within me to be healed.