The second year of my Interfaith Seminary studies gets fully underway this weekend with two days of teaching and mentoring in Manchester.  The second year curriculum includes both theoretical and practical activities on spiritual counselling, ministry, the design of rituals and services, and the further development of the spirit-centred service.


 During the year all students are expected to engage with the extensive reading list, and participate regularly in an on-going study group.  This study group provides a focus for the design and practice of our self-developed rites, services and rituals.  As in the first year, all students are expected to develop their personal spiritual practice to a deeper and more Heart-centred level.  In addition, regular skills development with counsellees and a spiritual director or supervisor is also required.  All the material is brought together by each student in a personl Interfaith Manual.


The two year programme concludes in August 2008 with a lengthy retreat, personal examination and ordination for successful students.