The third Gay Spirit Retreat was held recently at Monkton Wyld Court in Dorset and focused on the theme of 'Living with Uncertainty'.  This seemed a particularly pertinent theme at the present time: many people are feeling uncertain in the face of economic and social change, insecurity over jobs and income, changes in our communities, and major shifts in the global environment.

gay rainbowThe retreat offered quiet and sacred gay-space for men to reflect on these issues for themselves, and share their experience and insights with others.  There was time for meditation, movement, prayer, silent contemplation, and bodywork.

The emphasis throughout was upon experiencing uncertainty and our reactions to it in the body and in spirit (rather than in the mind).  The notion of 'staying hot' and living in liminal space as a way of Being Present in our lives was particularly attractive.  The physical contact between the men on retreat was valued and welcome.  The rituals around both the indoor stove and the outdoor fire offered symbolic support to our work together.

Further Gay Spirit events are held on a regular basis.