masculine_tendernessAs the curriculum for the Interfaith Seminary develops, we are now balancing the teaching on the Divine Feminine with new teaching around the Sacred Masculine.  This teaching is not about gender roles of male and female; rather it is about the divine attributes of masculinity and feminity that exist within us all and which need to come together for our full expression and realisation.  In eastern teaching, the yin energy (feminine) comes together with the yang energy (masculine) to great the integrated Tao.

In teaching about the Sacred Masculine with both the London and Manchester Centre students, we have explored the metaphors and archetypes that have been recognised as capturing aspects of the divine masculine.  We have also explored the spiritual development pathway of men, and how this becomes lost and unbalanced without appropriate initiation rites into manhood.  Questions around the use and mis-use of male power are balanced by enquiries into the role played by sexuality in spiritual development and the routes by which we might transcend body, mind and heart approaches to sexual expression in order to experience sacred intimacy.