It's fascinating to observe how the process of spiritual growth and awakening takes you deeper and deeper into the true Self - the natural Essence that we are and from which we are separated through life experiences that create the defensive ego.  It is interesting to track, through my journal, the erratic but continuous process of heart-opening, vulnerability and greater authenticity that has been occurring throughout the last few months.  It is the spiral of growth in action: moving in a circle to revisit familiar hopes, fears and experiences yet rediscovering each event at a deeper level as the spiral unfurls.

spiralsThis growth arises from regular daily practice, from reading and from contemplation.  I am challenged in supervision and in feedback.  The events, feelings and insights of each moment appear in their own natural time, and at the moment when I am ready for them to occur.  This is the sense of surrender and 'letting go'.  It is both powerful and immensely peaceful.  Within the process, clients present themselves and reflect the very issues that I am working on within mySelf.  The teaching programme of the Seminary, to which I am contributing this month on the Sacred Masculine, brings more reflective insights about the this unfolding awareness.

There are three inter-related themes just now: stillness, solitude and silence.  I notice how it is possible to have one without the other two, or two without the third; it is when all three are present that the present awareness is most profound.  This is the contemplative life with its many attractions: a space of 'being' rather than 'doing'.  A space of mystery and inner peace that goes yet deeper in the Self.