sacred sexFinding our bliss, surrendering to the flow of the universe, aligning our sexual energies with our hearts and so too with the rhythm of the heavens, is the spiritual practice of 'bodyprayerpath'.   Barnaby Barratt, The Way of the BodyPrayerPath 

Sacred intimacy is the deepest level in which we can experience the integation of our awareness of sexuality with our sense of spirituality.  It is the experience of Bliss: Bliss = Spiritual Orgasm.

We have the capacity to experience our sexuality at each of four different levels:

  • Sexual energy is experienced physically in our bodies
  • Erotic energy is experienced mentally in our minds
  • sacred sexLove energy is experienced emotionally in our hearts
  • And sacred intimacy is the transcendence of all these experiences with our inner spiritual nature of oneness.

Many men and women have reached and sustained this peak experience using a variety of techniques.  Above all, it requires insight to fully know and be aware of each of our energy centres and openness to create and establish the connection with the Divine Oneness within.

Such a state may involve sexual healing, extensive bodywork and the learning of Taoist or Tantic methods for awakening the body. 

Please contact me, in confidence, to discuss how these approaches may work with you.