To be gay is something that begins within ourselves.  It begins in our hearts, in that place that is never separate from the living heart of Infinite Oneness.  To be gay is something that begins with ourselves, that finds itself mirrored back, echoed back to us by the tribe of men who love men.  This tribe, our people, is a scouting tribe, a Walks-Between people, a bridge-making people, walking between men and women, between night and day, between matter and spirit, between the living and the dead.   Andrew Ramer, Two Flutes Playing  

In my service as a listener, counsellor, healer and minister, I am particularly drawn to work with other gay men.  We are often called to perform unique roles within our groups and communities, yet we also have a collective history that needs both awakening and healing.  Many gay men (and others) are trapped by our earlier experiences of growing up, rejection, religion, self-dislike, ego-patterns, relationship difficulties, and sense of difference.  Within this nurturing heart-centred spirit, I work with men-who-love-men in several ways:

  • Providing support and direction for growth and self-awareness
  • Offering counselling and mentoring, listening to our stories, emotional and self-acceptance
  • Performing ceremonies, rites-of-passage and rituals for coming out, civil partnerships and commitments, relationship changes, elderhood and death.  We now also have a dedicated website full of information about the full range of gay ceremonies, explaining what's possible for civil partnerships, commitment ceremonies, funerals and other services.
  • Running Gay Spirit workshops and events.
  • Exploring the sacred masculine within each of us.
  • Running meditations, retreats, rituals and workshops either as part of a published programme of events, or by invitation. 


gay_rainbow.jpg Thelki is the land of gay energy.  It is the place where traditionally members of the gay tribe have come together to live in conscious community, where elders have been available to support and nurture others, and where gay men can discover and learn their rites and roles.  Thelki is described by Andrew Ramer in his channeled book, Two Flutes Playing.  The story describes men-loving-men growing up in their familial tribes, becoming aware of their difference, and going in search of the gay tribe where they would be welcomed Home. 

Thelki is a dream place, created by discarnate human beings, so solidly of subtle energy as to be enduring.  It is older than time and constantly being recreated.  It is the focus of discarnate energy, and a source of connection and healing for incarnate gay folk.  Thelki is real, it is the heaven gay people yearn for.  It is a spring to drink from, a land of endless rivers.  Thelki means, "Liquid place that is infinitely, fluidly changing".  Water-wet, constantly changing, Thelki is a place that you can walk through when you need a healing of the soul.  You do not have to die to go there. All that you have to do is close your eyes, see the sparkling turquise of its sky, feel yourself walking beside a clear, rushing stream.  Breathe in the warmth of a silver sun, breathe in the purity of its air.  That is Thelki.  And if for even an instant you had a sense of it, then you were there and can go back again. To Thelki, the land that refreshes.  To Thelki, the land of gay energy.   Andrew Ramer, Two Flutes Playing 

Within the UK, there are groups and individuals seeking to create a practical Thelki community - a place of nurture and support for gay men seeking their role, expressing love, and living conciously in the presence of each other and the spirit Source.