spirals.jpgThe experience of being deeply listened to by someone who has travelled along similar paths in life can be profoundly reassuring and supportive.

We all carry dilemmas, pain, anxiety and confusion from our life experiences of upbringing, conditioning, decisions and relationships.  We take these with us into our families, workplaces and friendships and they limit our capacity to experience and express who we truly are.

As mature adults we have the capacity to transform our acquired experiences and use them to grow into the fully realised human beings that we are.  Whatever your beliefs and faith, deep listening to your own heart of Soul - the source of your true inspiration - is a truly awakening experience. Mentoring, spiritual direction, counselling and healing can all work at the physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual levels. 

There are many different approaches including:

  • candles2.jpgDeep listening without judgement to the stories and dramas of your life, to discern the truth from all that you have created and gain an inner understanding
  • Mentoring and reflective listening to enable what you are experiencing to be mirrored back to you in a way that illuminates your own questions differently, and allows you to see your situation more clearly
  • Being helped to find your inner guide through silence, meditation, reflection, insight and awareness of the present moment
  • Calling upon the God of your understanding for support and guidance through periods of difficulty and questioning
  • Re-awakening to the true essence of your physical body through healing, prayer and body work
  • Allowing Grace to enter into you and guide your life.

When we are ready to step into such possibility, a path opens before us and gives us the opportunity of living from a different perspective.   Spiritual counselling, mentoring or direction can be particularly helpful in situations such as:

  • Personal trauma and major life changes associated with emotions, relationships or work
  • Finding or re-establishing a sense of direction in life
  • Uncertainty, anxiety and 'stuckness'
  • Bereavement or grief
  • Depression, low self-esteem or persistent illness
  • Or simply, a regular opportunity to reconnect, refresh and remember Who you Are

healing_swirl.jpg Such listening is beyond the intellectual and emotional dimensions, although these are very likely to be transformed.  It can change the way in which we experience our lives.  Physical healing is experienced through our body energies.  Healing at all levels will often connect into that deeper inner life that exists for each of us, no matter how dormant.  Awakening to our own inner consciousness can lead to a transformation of our experience of life. Be assured that you will be heard and received in a supportive and loving context, a hand outstretched to meet you, a quiet welcome waiting.

As well as counselling, mentoring and spiritual direction, I provide supervision to other people working with clients in therapeutic, health or social care settings.

I am based in Keswick, Cumbria and can arrange to meet with you in a space of peace and quiet for reflection and growth.  Please contact me in confidence if you would like to explore any aspect of these services further or if you would like to meet with me.  After an initial face-to-face appointment, I am able to arrange some follow-up sessions by telephone or Skype if this is more convenient.