This is the name of my portfolio collection of work-related creative and publishing activities with clients and colleagues.  My professional work has spanned several organisations and encompasses a range of formats. I retired from my professional career in 2012, and occasionally contribute to organisations through assignments of mutual interest. There is also an online archive of Business News items.

  • Curriculum Vitae: Includes my professional skills, experience, writing and publishing, career summary and professional qualifications
  • Client List: View projects and client groups covering health and social welfare organisations, educational bodies, sports organisations, and publishers
  • Books and Publishing: The full catalogue of published books, manuals, best practice guides and online publishing
  • Facsimile Books: Republished books now available again in different formats including the best-selling Toolkit for Trainers, Toolkit for Managers, Dealing with Disaffection, Developing Training Skills, and Toolkit for Managing Change.

Client consulting

With 30 years experience of consulting, networking, authoring, training,  management and governance with staff teams and organisations including

  • strategic planning to create realistic and sustainable development within projects and organisations
  • organisational governance and development to create more effective organisations
  • online networking and learning using the internet as a vast resource for communicatins
  • designing resource materials, learning centres and communities
  • locum management  providing an interim solution for organisations undergoing change.

Working collaboratively with clients we create a strong relationship based on trust, respect and integrity.  Our work is based on a clear assessment of requirements as they evolve, a transparent budget, and close networking.

Online Communities

Since 1997 I have been engaged with internet publishing and the building of online communities with Sift, creating dynamic and interactive web sites providing users with Content, Community and Collaboration.  In 1998, I was responsible for founding TrainingZONE and HR Zone.  

Writing and Publishing

I continue to write and publish, both in print and online for a range of publishers and clients.  There's a complete index of all my published books and manuals.  Several of the most popular books and manuals are now available in facsimile format for sale or download.