Dear Prime Minister,

I invite you to reflect on just what it is that is driving and motivation you this year? Can you step aside from the ever-present chattering of you mind to listen to the 'still small voice' of your heart or your soul. The achievement - and retention - of power is a heady process that often succeeds in fulfilling the needs and desires of the ego-mind. It's possible to rationalise this as some kind of self-less service-to-others ... yet is this really true when you take time to listen more deeply and reflectively to that small insistent voice within? What truly motivates you in this role?

I look at your actions and find paradoxes.

You vote for the UK to remain a member of the EU ... yet you are intend on leading a path that takes this country out of the EU. Do you experience integrity with your true self? Although you talk of 'people coming together', what I notice are deep and clear divisions: the referendum result was finely balanced; the leave/remain divisions continue to be deeply felt; the cabinet appears to be divided on what it wants; the two largest political parties are divided; the country itself feels divided on what should happen. In such a situation, it is incumbent on leaders to search for what will bring people back together. Favouring one side or the other is a head exercise. The deeper search must be for a 'third way' - a holistic Tao than encompasses and transcends both sides of the argument. Do you have some awareness of where such insight may lie and how to bring it into being?

You speak about improving the lives of the just-about-managing ... yet years of austerity, wage control, rising indirect taxes, rising national insurance, and inflation have ensured that the least wealthy half of the population of this country is now living on a lower relative income than ten years ago. How do you reconcile this apparent contradiction?

You talk of compassion for others ... and yet unaccompanied children are left languishing on their own, scattered throughout Europe, when there are families that are willing to accommodate them here; and a harsh 'hostile environment' seeks to deport people before the proper investigation and judicial process is complete. How does this square with the moral invitation to 'Love your neighbour as yourself'?

You offer yourself to the public to endorse your mandate and give you a stronger negotiating hand ... and when the public weakens your position, you continue anyway. At a personal level, that must have felt a humbling and humiliating outcome ... and yet you decide to continue, almost as if nothing has changed.

I empathise with the dilemmas and pressures that you must be facing ... and yet I wonder what that inner voice of your heart or soul is calling out, and whether you can hear it and act upon it, should the direction it urges be any different to the one you are pursuing publicly.

Pace e Bene,