After several months of development, the Male Journey has now launched the first extended Return to Source programme in the UK, to be known as Being a Generative Man. This programme for initiated men (only) will run alongside the powerful 5-day Men's Rites of Initiation.

Return to Source is for men who have: 

  • Been through the MROP and are an initiated man
  • Have a desire to deepen their spiritual journey by revisiting the messages of theirown initiation and deepening their soul journey
  • Want to be an active 'generative man" – a man who is fully present in the world and who invites and supports other men into their Journey of Illumination
  • Understands that they are not being initiated again
  • Understands that they are not a member of the MROP leadership team, whilst actively supporting the team
  • Can be present and be part of the container for the entire MROP event