I'm aware of how little online publishing I've done in the past couple of years (relative to previous years). It's not that nothing is happening; more that I have no need to report it externally.

The inner journey makes it very clear to me that what-I-do is unimportant - assuming that the 'doing' is primarily right-action - and does not define me in any way. Yet the 'doing' is often a way in which others categorise and label a person. No, what is important is 'who-I-am' and 'how-I-live-in-this-world', neither of which are captured in words nor require description.

This awareness continues to grow more strongly. In the evocative words from the men's rites of passage, "I am not that important". I have no need to draw attention to myself or to what I do. The most important work that I'm engaged in continues in my contemplation practice and in my inner work journalling. Meanwhile, I've disconnected from social media, blogging and routine publishing, as being unnecessary. 

What matters is how I manifest - in presence, in loving, in consciousness, in silence, in simply being.