A week ago, we completed the purchase of our new, second, home in Chiang Mai. It's been surprisingly quick. We came out to Thailand in December expecting to continue our general seach for a base in the country. We came to stay with Aod's family before new year, and first saw this property in early January. Three weeks later, the property is finished and we have paid for it.The original preference was for a condo apartment - easy to look afer and secure when we are away. But the costs are relatively high and you don't get much space for your money. So we started looking at the new village developments which are multiplying around Chiang Mai as there is a housing boom underway, by people wanting a second-home outside flood-prone Bangkok, and as an investment property. Many of these village developments are lego-like and boxy with very little interesting design.

Ploenchit Collina feels quite different. It's a one-off development with it's own security and unique layout. Instead of the usual street grid, the roads are broad and curved. There is very extensive communal planting in the form of water-based public park areas, and a distinctive grass and tree area in private lanes and pathways behind each house. The houses are well spaced and remarkably modern in design. In our house the front and back walls of the living area are almost entirely glass from floor to ceiling, with wide-opening doors opening directly to the garden and ornamental pond and decking. It's this aspect that really attracted us: so much glass and light. The main bedroom is huge, with a private balcony, and a closet. In total, there are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

front view  living room  buddhist house blessing

We are now in the midst of furnishing and fitting the house whilst living in it to enjoy the space and the privacy. It's fun to keep ordering new stuff and having it delivered. There is a big job to complete in the next few weeks with an interior designer creating the kitchen area, closet, pantry, wardrobe and main bed. Hopefully, we can get all this complete before returning to the UK in another month.