After more than a year of preparation, R-Day has arrived. Retirement Day. The last day of my professional career after 42 years of adult work, study and earning. A career that has spanned teaching, youth work, project management, consultancy, writing, publishing, company director, web services, and latterly community facilitator. For over half this time I have been self-employed working with over 300 different organisations in the public and not-for-profit sector.

The Death Lodge experience in May has been a major part of my preparation, helping me to ritualise this latest transition. More recently I have been undertaking some completion work with my current staff team at One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, and only a few days ago I returned to the site of my first employment as a teacher at Ghyll Royd School in 1970 to complete this cycle with another small ritual. Today there have been several symbolic elements to complete this final career assignment including some housekeeping, phone calls to colleagues, and disconnection from various electronic networks.

My ministry will continue as before - with retreats, ceremonies, clients and contemplative meditation. As the 'doing' diminishes, I trust there will be more opening into simply 'being' - to being more present and Present. As has been the custom of the past year or more, this ministry through receiving donations rather than fixed fees.

I also anticipate having more opportunity for writing and publishing into the future, on the themes to which I am most drawn.

Whilst my professional career is ending today, I am still responding to invitations to use my professional consulting skills with individuals and organisations, when approached, and rather than contracting in the way that I have done in the past, I will respond to such invitations in a similar manner to my ministry, and discuss with clients any appropriate pro-bono or contributory arrangement to suit all parties.